What kind of dresses we offer?
Wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, mother of the bride dress, prom dress, cocktail dress, little black dress, tango dress, evening dress, ball dress and rehearsal dress.

What size are the dresses made for?
Dresses presented on our website are made in size 36-38. These pieces can be rented or can be ordered in the same size. We recommend a fitting before placing an order. Our dresses are made of stretch fabrics, so they are comfortable and they fit perfectly even after smaller weight gain or loss.

Are dresses made to measure?
Dresses on our website can be made to measure. We make a new dress for every client, even if the design sample perfectly fits. We also create personalized dresses according to our clients’ specific ideas and expectations.

How long does it take to make a dress?
Made to measure dresses require 2-8 weeks to make. Please contact us regarding express customer services.

How many fittings are needed?
We recommend 3 appointments. On the first meeting we take your body measurements, and schedule at least two fittings.

How much does it cost to have a made to measure dress?
For exact price, send us an e-mail with the model number and name of the collection.
If you have a special idea, please contact us for details.
The price depends on the chosen fabric, style and decoration.


How long does it take to make a handwoven scarf?
We need 2-8 weeks to create a scarf. The color(s) of the warp threads determines what color schemes we use. Please contact us regarding express customer services.

What size are the scarves made?
Scarves vary in size between 42-62 cm width and 210-250 cm length.

Can I order a scarf from the website?
The warp threads of our weaving loom are constantly changing, along with that patterns also change. We can weave you similar scarf to those on our website in terms of color and pattern. Each piece is unique; there is only one from every model. We are happy to help you design your own scarf. Some of the scarves presented on our website are for sale; we marked them in the image textbox.

How much does it cost to have a handwoven scarf?
The price depends on the chosen yarn and technology.
For exact price please contact us. Skype consultation is also possible.


Is it possible to rent an Illango dress?
Dresses and jewelry presented on our website are for hire, except if they are already hired in that period.

What size of clothes can be rented?
Our design sample pieces can be rented. These dresses are made in size 36-38 and they are ideal for 165-172 cm body height. If you have different size we recommend a fitting. We work from stretch fabrics, so it is possible that our sample piece perfectly fits you.

Do you make alterations on a rented dress?
If your dress has straps, we can make them shorter for you. If the chosen dress requires other alterations, we recommend a dress to measure.

How many days can I keep the dress?
Dresses can be rented for one occasion, which means 1-3 days. If you need to rent for a longer period of time, please contact us.

Is it possible to rent accessories (handwoven scarves and jewelry) as well?
Our scarves are not for hire. You can rent jewelry for 1-3 days only with dress.